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Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that’s easy to use and adapt, helping you connect your business and make smarter decisions. Manage financials, sales, service, and operations in one place

Accelerate financial close and report with accuracy, while ensuring compliance.

Use built-in intelligence to predict when and what to replenish. Purchase only what you need

Act quickly on sales-related inquiries, manage service requests, and process payments - all from within Outlook

Microsoft Supported
Partner Supported
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D365 Business Central Availability


Though hosted in Microsoft Azure platform, still you can have your specific requirements customized and delivered to your instance directly. 

Or you can buy readymade apps for business central from Microsoft Appstore


Services Offered

Upgrade to Business Central Practice

Looking for upgrading your Dynamics NAV practice? We can help you in Microsoft’s Ready-to-Go on-boarding process.

Extensions V2.0

For Dynamics NAV 2018 / Dynamics 365 Business Central

Readiness Training

Extension Development using VSCode, AL and Docker

Solution Development

For NAV 2018 or any prior version of Dynamics NAV

Get Trained in Business Central Modern Development

Develop in AL + VS Code

Dynamics 365 Business central

Choose your Options


The training will be the starting point for you to start working in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Design & Develop like a Pro. This is typically for those who already are comfortable with basic Business Central App development


This is suitable for the people who already know the environment but not yet comfortable with the integcracies of development in Business Central

All in One

If you are starting afresh, combine all Overview + Essentials + Advanced together. Great for people who are looking to upgrade thier existing Dynamics NAV Knowledge.

Customise your training

Looking for training on Specific Topics? Send your details and we can decide the content together

Recent Training

A bunch of experiences Dynamics NAV Technical Guys entering the exciting world of Dynamics 365 Business Central App Development and Implementation
Hexagone CCI

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appSyntax.json Warnings Message

Are you guys started having a warning message “String is not a URI: URI with a scheme is expected.” in your VSCode AL extension development?
Microsoft responded on the same and they will investigate the same and will come back with an update

Microsoft Flow – An automation tool with immense possiblities

Let me confess, I never had taken Microsoft flow that seriously in last 1 year. I was too busy with Dynamics NAV and used to feel that it has limited functionality. But of late, I believe my love affair with D365 Business Central has changed that impression completely. With Business Central, I started looking things …

Say Bye Bye to Developer License

Yes! you heard is right. You no longer need a partner/developer license to create a new component / customize in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Conditions Apply! I am sorry the above statement is only true if you are developing using VS Code and AL language extension. But who is developing with C/AL and C/SIDE anymore? …