appSyntax.json Warnings Message

Are you guys started having a warning message “String is not a URI: URI with a scheme is expected.” in your VSCode AL extension development? This cropped up all of a sudden since past 2 days.

appSyntax.json error

Note: The warning only come up when you have opened your app.jason in the VSCode editor.

This seems a warning message and more from the VS code side than AL extension side. This is already reported by GreatScott000 in Github and link of the same is as below –

AL Issue no: 4849

Johan Stenberg [JohanStenberg100] from Microsoft responded on the same. He has mentioned that Microsoft will investigate the same and will come back with an update

Response: appSyntax.json error

At this moment, this is just a warning and not really stopping the extension development. I will update this post once a response from Microsoft is there in Github or once the problem is resolved.

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