appSyntax.json Warnings Message

Are you guys started having a warning message “String is not a URI: URI with a scheme is expected.” in your VSCode AL extension development? This cropped up all of a sudden since past 2 days.

appSyntax.json error

Note: The warning only come up when you have opened your app.jason in the VSCode editor.

This seems a warning message and more from the VS code side than AL extension side. This is already reported by GreatScott000 in Github and link of the same is as below –

AL Issue no: 4849

Johan Stenberg [JohanStenberg100] from Microsoft responded on the same. He has mentioned that Microsoft will investigate the same and will come back with an update

Response: appSyntax.json error

At this moment, this is just a warning and not really stopping the extension development. I will update this post once a response from Microsoft is there in Github or once the problem is resolved.

Say Bye Bye to Developer License

Yes! you heard is right. You no longer need a partner/developer license to create a new component / customize in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Conditions Apply! I am sorry the above statement is only true if you are developing using VS Code and AL language extension. But who is developing with C/AL and C/SIDE anymore? Not me definitely

Not only partner/developer license Microsoft did a brilliant job in doing away with object licensing. Business Central customers no longer need to buy objects if you are developing something for them using the objects from 50000-99999 range. Isn’t that cool?

Note: This holds true for Cloud version of Business Central at this moment. This may not be true for the upcoming Business Central On-Premise version [Roadmap says Fall 2018]. This will be more clearly stated by Microsoft when On-Premise Business Central is released.

Here are the excerpts from Microsoft documentation on Objects range licensing for your development –

“In Business Central running the Microsoft cloud, we operate with three different object ranges in terms of licensing. Developing for Business Central is done using Visual Studio Code with the AL Language extension. Developing for Dynamics NAV can be done either by using Visual Studio Code with the AL Language extension or by using C/SIDE with an appropriate license file.”

All tenants in Business Central as of April 2nd, 2018 are able to freely use objects in the following ranges:

  • 50.000-99.999
  • 1.000.000-60.000.000
  • 70.000.000-74.999.999


As in current on-premise implementations this range is for per tenant/customer customizations. A partner can develop an extension tailored to the individual tenant to fit the needs. The partner developing this will do this through either using a sandbox tenant (currently in preview) or by obtaining a Docker image of the current release of Business Central that matches the version of the tenant. Once the development is done, the extension can be deployed to the individual tenant


This is the RSP range which partners that have an ISV solution for on-premise have access to. By April 2nd, 2018 the partner can choose to use this range for developing extensions that can be used either in Dynamics NAV on-premise or in Business Central in the Microsoft Cloud. When used in Business Central these extensions are obtained as apps from


This range continues as it is today. Partners can obtain, for extension development that runs in Business Central in the Microsoft Cloud. This range is only available for extension development and only in Business Central. These extensions are obtained as apps from

So if you have migrated your skillset from C/SIDE and C/AL, its high time you do the same. And you will feel amazing. I myself moved from C/SIDE and C/AL more than a year back and I am bowled over this new development tool.

If you need any help in the process, do give me a shout at or